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We are all called to play multiple roles in our lives, sometimes simultaneously as employer-employee, parent, spouse, child, partner, friend, volunteer in the community... life keeps us busy, very busy. We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves, of our health, of our physical and mental well-being.

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Website, “58% of Canadians report being “overloaded” because of their multiple roles”. This observation makes us think. We know that living and working environments are mixed up in agriculture, it make sense that work-life balance can be a challenge for farmers. This balance is a protective factor for people's health. We ask you: do you feel like you have a work-life balance?

With the approval of CMHA Quebec Division and the financial collaboration of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), we offer a questionnaire to evaluate it. It is not a scientific test or a diagnostic test, rather a self-assessment tool and a simple way of thinking about work-life balance. If you need to explore more about your work-life balance, we also suggest resources to help you.

If you think you need help from a health professional, do not hesitate to consult. Your health is important!